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One summer evening, August 23rd, 2004, something very unusual happened over the State of Victoria, near Melborne, in the southern tip of Australia.

Very strange, unexplainable lights appeared to hover low in the sky. Multiple witnesses saw the phenomenon, it was caught on camera, and it was captured on video by two separate witnesses.

It started in Strathmore, at about 8:15pm. One gentleman was out walking along the border of the Essendon Airport, enjoying the evening, and checking out the Pascoe Vale cityscape. Nothing strange was seen at first. Just aircraft moving towards Tullamarine Airport.

But then, at an elevation of about 60 degrees, in the northeastern corner of the sky, Six strange lights appeared. They were silent, "star-like", orange, and heading south. Strangest of all, though, was that these 6 lights seemed to form two triangles, in formation, travelling side by side towards Pascoe Vale.

Courtesy of The Australian UFO Research Network

The Strathmore witness ran home, brought his wife outside, who confirmed the sighting. The phones started ringing, and an enormous mass UFO encounter began.

At 8:25pm, another witness reported his sighting. He too saw the very same orange lights, close together, heading in a southward direction, towards Pascoe Vale. It wasn't an airplane; It wasn't a helicopter; It wasn't anything anyone had ever seen before. Something unusual and mysterious, was hovering southward in the skies over the State of Victoria. Many people saw it, reported it, and gazed in wonder.

At approximately 8:30pm, the UFOs reached Pascoe Vale. It was then, that they appeared before the residence of Mark and Janine Blease. These witnesses were smart enough to grab their video camera. The Blease family captured one of the most mysterious pieces of UFO video evidence ever to claim the imagination of the folks from the land down under.

Imagine living in Pascoe Vale on August 23rd, 2004, at 8:30pm. Wouldn't you love to have been one of the many who had seen these UFOs up close? If only you were there, to make up your own mind, and render your own judgement.

Well, investigator John W. Auchettl, director of PRA, was able to obtain two different pieces of video evidence. While this video footage is short and sweet, it is vivid, clear, steady, and real.

Imagine no longer: What you are about to see, is the Blease Pascoe Vale Twin Triangles footage, courtesy of the hard work of Mr. Auchettl:

It's encouraged that you view this footage in full-screen format. To do so, go to YOUTUBE, and click the icon in the bottom right corner.

As you can see, there appear to be 6 very bright lights in the sky, forming two triangles, in formation, travelling in a southward direction, and hovering over the city of Pascoe Vale. If you magnify this footage full-screen on your computer monitor, you may be able to detect the trees and structures in the foreground.

This foreground, visual information is useful, and in fact, very rare in typical UFO video footage. With that information, it should help you to guage the general size of the formations, their distance from the ground, their overall dimensions, and their overall speed.

As a part of Mr. Auchettl's investigation, he contacted Air Traffic Control. He determined that no aircraft were noted to be flying in the skies over Pascoe Vale at that time. No radar detected any evidence of any craft in this area.

Eleven witnesses were interviewed in total. Video footage, testimony, and photographic evidence all corroborated the sighting. In the morning, Mr. and Mrs. Blease went on "The Breakfast Show", a local AM radio talk show out of Melborne. Many people called in, further confirming and corroborating the encounter. Channel 7 Television out of Melbornr also ran a piece on the story, making it "Newsie" for Australia. By the end of the week, this was a full-blown mass UFO encounter.

Investigator Diane Harrison of AUFORN got hold of the information from the UFO hotline, along with several photographic pieces of evidence, and began conducting an in-depth study. She made several interesting observations.

Courtesy of AUFORN.

She confirmed that these anomalous lights hovered at a consistent 300 meters above ground (about 1000 feet in the air). There were definitely 6 lights, and they definitely moved together in close formation. They were indeed moving in a southward direction, and all witnesses described the lights as yellow to orange in color.

Two other interesting observations Ms. Harrison made, was that they were not consistently spaced apart throughout the encounter, and that they were round, all the way around, or as she described it, "from front to back.".

Courtesy of AUFORN.

Ms. Harrison took measurements of some enalarged photographic evidence. You can see here that the lights are not evenly spaced apart in this particular image. So, this triangle, for example, is not a perfect triangle shape. Furthermore, the edges do not measure up perfectly. One side of the triangle measured 4.1 centimeters, while the other side measured 4.3 centimeters.

Courtesy of AUFORN.

Yet in this image, we do, in fact, have what appears to measure out to be a perfectly shaped triangle. The lights appear more white, and consistent with the video footage, and the lights do appear to be more rounded as well.

When all was said and done, no formal conclusions were made by either Auchettl or Harrison. The case remains an open mystery to this day, almost 3 years later. Mr. Auchettl and Ms. Harrison both discontinued any public investigation of this phenomenon, and eventually, everyone seemed to become disinterested, and like many UFO cases, this one simply became a lost, unanswered chapter in history.


Could we be looking at real, live Black Triangles? Let's take a moment to compare some features of a Typical black triangle sighting: They generally involve large, black to opaque, triangular shaped craft; They generally involve bright lights on each end of the triangle, and they are generally observed to hover slowly, in an open, even brazen deployment. One could suggest that, perhaps,based on the evidence we've seen so far, this anomalous activity is very much behaving in that exact fashion.

It is certainly quite possible that Mr. and Mrs. Blease caught two black triangles on tape.

But, one final report worth noting, came to NUFORC, with a report date of 8-24-04, at approximately 10:10pm, near Melbourne, Victoria. While the date and time is not consistent with the other witnesses, I find this testimony most interesting.

The witness was having dinner, when he spotted 6 orange lights in the sky, forming the shape of two triangles, and drifting, slowly, in a southward direction. He watched this phenomenon for about 5 minutes, until the object vanished "...As if someone was dimming the lights." So, even though the date and time are slightly off, everything else seems to be consistent with the mass sighting.

If this witness did, in fact, see the same object, than it is likely he is reporting the end of the event.

If this witness did not, in fact, see the same object, than it is likely that he observed a different event, but involving the exact same 6 orange to yellow lights forming 2 triangles, in formation.

And that made me wonder:

Is there another, more human explanation here?

When viewed from a distance, what known quantity, might slowly vanish from view, as if someone was dimming the lights?

Join me next time, here at the Black Triangles Journal, , where this 8-23-04 event will be further analyzed, in Part 2 of the Pascoe Vale Triangles.

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John W. Auchettl and PRA
Dianne Harrison and AUFORN

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"Oh hell, Oh hell...It's's flat with lights across it...look at it's all the way across...Oh, good lord...that's a whole, big thing..."
February 22nd, 2007 - Kentuck Video Footage

In 1939, Winston Churchill described elements of uncertainty facing the World War II era, as a "...riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma". Perhaps for us, it is the Black Triangles phenomenon.

Over the last several weeks, this journal, Black Triangles, set off on an investigative journey, focused on some very specific UFO activity over the midwestern United States, in February of 2007. We've covered a lot of ground, so let's take a moment and review the facts:

1) 28 UFO REPORTS: 28 people reported UFO sightings to NUFORC during the period of 2-19-07 through 2-22-07.

2) BLACK TRIANGLES: 6 of those reports involved people who encountered large, black, triangular shaped craft.

3) BLACK RECTANGULAR CRAFT: 4 of those reports involved people who encountered large, black, rectangular shaped craft.

4) 35.7%: 35.7% of all UFO reports during this period, were of large, black triangular and rectangular shaped craft.

5) SIMILAR CHARACTERISTICS: These craft shared similar characteristics: Black to opaque, huge dimensions, unusual lights, hovering maneuvers.

6) OTHER ANOMALIES: The other 18 reports involved people who encountered unusual lights and other anomalies, including military jets chasing strange, orange lights.

7) 7:00PM-12:00AM: Almost all of these reports took place between the hours of 7:00pm and 12:00am.

8) MIDWESTERN US: Almost all of these reports took place over the same general area, the midwestern United States.

9) PRIMARY LOCATIONS: The primary encounters were in: Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

10) SECONDARY LOCATIONS: Other states had activity as well, including: Quebec, Ontario, Iowa, Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Florida.

11) MILITARY JETS: On the evening of 2-22-07, 3 NUFORC Reports shared similar time-frames and characteristics, involving military jets chasing unusual lights in the sky in Wisconsin, Virginia, and South Carolina. On the same evening of 2-22-07, a black rectangular craft was also reported, in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Image and subtext, courtesy of Langley Air Force Base: "Lt. Col. Dirk Smith, 94th Fighter Squadron commander, and Maj. Kevin Dolata, 94th FS assistant director of operations, turn in on final approach to Langley Air Force Base, Va., Friday, March 3, 2006, to deliver the first F-22A Raptors assigned to the 94th Fighter Squadron. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Ben Bloker) "

13) EASTWARD DIRECTION: 3 out of 4 of these 2-22-07 reports, involved descriptions of eastward movement and direction. The last noticeable activity was over the Atlantic Ocean, from the witness facing eastward in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

12) ORANGE ORBS: On the evening of 2-20-07, 2 NUFORC Reports shared similar time-frames and characteristics, Orange "orbs" or "spheres" were seen descending and ascending over the New Jersey evening sky, the same evening as 2 significant black triangle sightings occurred, westward of the Great Lakes.

13) FIREBALLS? On the evening of 2-21-07, 4 NUFORC reports shared similar time-frames and characteristics involving fireball-like sightings, with other highly unusual elements. These were seen in Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. No fireballs were reported by astronomers, that evening.

14) VIDEO FOOTAGE: Video footage of the highly emotional Kentucky sighting shows what appeared to be an enormous craft with sparkling lights, making unusual maneuvers. As the witness stated, in disbelief: "Oh hell, Oh hell...It's's flat with lights across it...look at it's all the way a Fu*#*ng across...Oh, good lord...that's a whole, big thing..."



15) MORPHING CRAFT: Drawings, diagrams, and photographs were submitted by the Illinois witness. This sighting, seen at arms length, up close and through binoculars, showed an exotic craft, hovering over the apartment complex, into the parking lot, morphing from triangular shape to rectangular shape, before heading southward and out of view.

Gridley, Illinois vantage point: Craft approached from the North, hovered over these pine trees, and passed over the apartment complex. The parking lot is behind this vantage point, next to the buildings. The witness is to the left in this image, and viewed the triangle using her binoculars. Notice the close distance of the encounter.

Craft was viewed through these binoculars

Witness diagram 1 from Gridley, Ill. CLICK HERE to explore this diagram in larger detail.

THE FACTS: Contained in this 4 part investigative series, you now have 28 separate NUFORC UFO reports; Video footage from Kentucky; Graphic diagrams, drawings, and photographs from Illinois, and a thorough, in depth analysis by Black Triangles Journal. It is all respectfully submitted to you as evidence of this event. It is up to you to decide whether or not these facts hold water, and whether or not these events pose very deep questions, with very serious implications.


The black triangles phenomenon is truly one of the greatest, understated mysteries of our generation. The February 2007 sightings event, illustrates the very nature and complexity of this puzzle.

What you've read on the Black Triangles journal, over these last several weeks, is not an illusion. It is not fiction, fantasy, or whimsy. This journal simply dug up the facts, and connected the dots. It didn't start with anything other than the raw material of evidence. It did not invent this story.

And yet, here we are, weeks later, with a cohesive story unveiling itself before us. It is a story with texture, substance, and continuity. It involves real people, having real experiences, that correlate. Are they all misunderstanding the events unfolding before them? Are they all in on it together, creating a mass hallucination for the sole purpose of tricking the smart, savvy readers of this journal?

Who are they? What are they? Why are they here? What is their purpose? Are they Us or Them? Are they Military or Non-Terrestrial? Are they Friend or Foe? What is their intention? What is their plan? What are they doing? Should we be afraid? Should we feel mystified? Or, should we simply ignore them and go on about our day?

In 1939, Winston Churchill described elements of uncertainty facing the World War II era, as a "...riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma". Perhaps for us, it is the Black Triangles phenomenon.

As this riddle gains its momentum, questions will need to be addressed. I'm not terribly hopeful that answers will be forthcoming. But even if they were, would they not lead to harder questions, deeper mysteries, wider concerns?

That said, perhaps we have now entered a time, in the unravelling of this mystery, where one very big question can yield a very simple answer:

Are they real?

Are black triangles real? Set aside your beliefs temporarily. Hold your skepticism at bay. Look simply at the facts. What is the evidence telling you? What is the most logical conclusion that can be made? Examine all the possible explanations, and then decide which explanation is the simplest, the most reasonable. What makes the most sense?

Hundreds and hundreds of witnesses around the world, correlating descriptions, corroborating testimonies, photographs, video footage, radar detection, pilot chases, governmental acknowledgements, over 25 years of consistent encounters by normal people, political officials, police officers, pilots, military Generals, Belgium, Phoenix, Shiloh: Countless examples of evidence, mounting and building over years and decades.

Are they real?

Are Black Triangles real? Do they exist? Are you convinced? It's a very big question to ask, but I think it's time that each of us ask it.

And if the answer is yes, and if the majority of us do in fact reach that understanding, then the world we thought we were living in, just changed dramatically forever.

And on that note:



Hello You can put Troy ILL on that map in the summer of 2000 there was very very big black Triangle Sighting that i saw here in troy ill just setting in mid air just about 100 feet above the tree's . R.W. Troy ILL


this website has stories with the same dates Black Triangles Sightings: 2-19-07 through 2-22-07.


Date of Incident: February 21st, 2007
Time of Incident: 8:50 pm
Location of Incident: Ripon, Fond Du Lac County
Source of Report:
online sightings report form by name withheld.
Details of Incident:

Last night I couldn't help but notice the sound of jets in the area (over my house in Ripon). I went outside and saw them practicing formations from what seemed to be really low. I went back to studying me Geology when my friend called and said they had seen a ufo.

I thought he was full of it, but since I was sick of my homework I headed over to his house to take a look. On the way up the hill by the library I noticed a bright orange light in the sky (about the color of fire). While looking at it two more lights turned on, so that there were three orange lights in triangle form.

I called up my sister and told her about it, but she also didn't believe me. When I arrived at his house we went on his roof to spot them. They had moved to what seemed to be close to the moon (but a lot lower). Once again, it would start by turning one orange light on, then the other two. We saw jets flying around it, and once when it turned all three of it's lights on we saw it turn around (rotate) and head towards the Green Lake/Markesan direction.

This triangular thing was huge, and we saw other people looking at it when we passed Murray Park. We went out into the country to try and find it again, but we lost sight of it because we were driving (plus it didn't keep it's lights on constantly). I was hoping you could give me more information on what this was.

I am usually not a person to believe in ufo stuff, but what I saw last night was right in front of me. My friends and I couldn't believe it. Plus, because their were so many jets around (what my friend thought were military jets) we were wondering how dangerous this thing was.


Hi, I am curious if what i and my ex wife saw in 1998 could be also colaborated. we lived near Cincinnati Ohio at the time. I would say it was about between 6-7 pm on christmas eve. I am sure it was 1998, but it also could have been 1997. Anyway we were going to her sisters to drop off christmas presents and we just turned north on Montgomery road (Off of the Fields Ertle Road exit) and just past the Meijer store and we both saw up in the sky coming from the north what appeared to be 2 black traianglur objects that were behind each other I would say maybe a good 3 minutes aprt from each other in a straight line.

I remeber asking me ex what they were as we both looked.. We could tell they were triangular from the lights at each corner and there was NO flames. I stopped my car along the side of the road and we both got out to look.. their formation path was coming towards us down the road and the first one was heading straight over us.. it STOPPED and stood in mid air..

NO engine sounds.. and we wer both WOWed at it.. it was dark out and it was one night i wish there was a full moon to see it better,but their wasnt one. anyway as we looked at it there were small lights on each corner and it seemed to have 2 others near the rear where there would be the engines like on a military type plane, and i had forgot my headlights were still on..

As it sat there it then started to drift away with NO sound, no engine flame and i immedatly looked to see the next one and wondered if it signaled we were watching.. We got back in the car and headed North on Montomery Road. the only thing i could think of was it was coming from the direction that Whright Patterson Air Force base was..

I am ex Air Force so thats what popped in my head first. I always wondered that night if we saw UFO's or a secret Gov Project that flew that night knowing it was Christmas Eve.anyway i wanted to share that with you and maybe somebody else saw soemthing that night.. I knew if we called the police, everybody in their brother would deny seeing anything.. anyway i thank you for the time to read my e-mail. Best RegardS, J.M.


hey there. not sure exactly what your site is about (other than black triangles), but i saw one back in 03. i then proceeded to look up all black triangle sightings on nuforc that matched my sighting and i've got a list of sightings that date back to the 70s. if you want my list, let me know. not sure if you've already combed the nuforc archives or not.


you missed my 2005 sighting in north central wisconsin reported to and investigated by MUFON T.S.

Happy Birthday!

Hi, my name is P.B. and I'm from Decherd, TN which is a sister city of Winchester. On the Coast to Coast am web site you list a series of black triangle sightings. One happened in Winchester, TN. I didn't see it, but I noticed on interesting coincidence in that the sighting happened on my birthday which is 02/21/74. If I remember correctly it was a Wednesday night. Like I said I didn't see it.


I saw one in Tomkins Cove NY. It was in the early 90's. I was working at the Lovett generating station which is right on the Hudson River. In the sky hovering betweenour plant and the Indian Point Nuclear power plant across the river directly above a 345 kv power line that crosses the river there. It was tremendous whatever it was with lights on it's edges, making no noise, (we were close to it, 300-400 yrds) and sort of pivoting, just turning on it's center. It was about 11 pm and 4 of us saw it. Thought you would like to know. KMC


Hi Tom I saw one of these over Brewster, MA in 1997. I just pulled in and had the window down because it was the first warm night. I was looking for satellites because I'm a ham, and was thinking of getting on the ham satellites and was seeing what could be seen using the online tracking sites.

A large black triangle flew over, with white lights at the tips, and a red light at the center. It was very silent, and slow moving, but as it accelerated hummed softly. I'm to the southeast of Natick research, MITRE, and to the east of Otis AFB where recent news has shown there's training for DHS and other surveillance going on.

Subsequently, in the summer of 2004 to 2005 my father and I watched lights over Cape Cod Bay. These word appear at sundown every night. They were NOT stars. When you sat and watched, at about 8 PM there would be a "shift change". You'd see one fly out and the one that had been hovering would fly toward the west, back over land and disappear.

Every one of them was replaced by another in sequence in this manner. This led us to believe they were UAVs. Recent new articles from San Diego confirm their use out there, so... When we were bothering to watch them before it became obvious this was a nightly occurance, I reported them to Mr. Davenport and was pretty much ignored.

Whatever. These lights would turn toward you if you "played with them" and pulled into the different beach parking lots. If you shut your headlights off, theirs went off (or the craft turned around) and you were met with a shimmering multicolored light or reflection similar to the look of a FLIR at distance. If you waited, it either turned toward you or their spotlights would come back on. Several times like a wise a$$ I sent Morse Code with my headlights which caused them to shut off for up to 10 minutes on end. After that I started having computer and mail problems for the next two years. It sounds nuts but unless you want the details, I won't bother you with that part. M.


My sighting did not occur during February, but last week on Thursday, March 22, at about 6:30 a.m. EST. It is still quite dark here (Cleveland, TN-Bradley County area) at that hour. I live in a rural area with no street lights or commercial buildings with outdoor lighting. I saw a basketball-size white light orb skimming over the tree tops on a ridge behind my home. It made no sound at all. I have lived here ten years and have never seen anything like it before. I was reading your posting on the Coast to Coast webpage and was surprised at all the east coast sightings that happened in February. Thought I would add mine for March. D.S.


Back in 1974 to 1975 (winter) a black triangle was seen cruising up the runway and hovering over the nuke weapons storage site at Loring AFB. Strange lights were seen around the surounding area, including New Brunswick, Canada. This was seen and related to me by the structure firechief of the base when explaining why he was forced to stay overnight after the base was locked down. seems that this may not be as new as many think.

HAMBURG, MICHIGAN - 9:35PM, 3-20-07 name is "R" and I live in Hamburg Michigan. I happen to look at the Coast to Coast site tonight and was taken aback by the information you provided. I Saw something that night and checked in the papers and listen to the news for a couple of days in the hopes of hearing about...something or other being spotted. I thought some footage was going to appear showing a meteorite skipping through and burning up in the atmosephere or some such thing, but I heard nothing.

Well, I work overnight at "A STORE" in Howell Mi, and left my house in Hamburg at about 9:35 PM to go to work. At about 9:42PM on the outskirts of Hamburg I looked up and saw something large and flying in the sky just above me, it was moving in the same direction that I was going but alot faster.

I don't think it was a normal aircraft sighting because they tend to be higher in the sky and don't seem to move that quickly when observed from a long distance and if it was a low flying helicopter or light aircraft...well then it would have been flying low and I would have seen some sort of blinking lights. There were none! I saw a shape, I couldn't say that it was triangular however, I saw it as a black shape lit from underneath. It was night and dark but, I could still see a slight outline. As it went by one.....and then two small fire balls came down from the space that it had gone through and then disapeared. This later part is the reason that I was looking for reports of a meteoriote in the news. If it helps I can find out exactly which direction it was flying when it passed over head. Thank you very much. R.


A few years back, my partner and I saw a ship just like the lady drew. It was in the California desert. It was HUGE, silent, and flew very low over our heads very slowly. I don't believe this is something our government has... it was incredible. If he hadn't been with me, I would have always doubted myself, but we BOTH saw it very clearly! D.C. - Oregon


My daughters and I saw the triangular ufo on February 22 around 7:30 pm, in Greenville SC. It was hard to tell how big it was, but it was close to the tree lines and appeared as large as a bus, maybe larger. It had several lights around the perimeter that were Red, yellow and green. It got above our car and to the left and just disappeared into thin air. PS, there were reports of it being seen in our area, from charlotte NC on down to the coast of SC.


Please excuse my intrusion here, however, I feel a little critique, sometimes, can be beneficial. The path the triangles took is not a trajectory! It is a path, route, etc. Trajectory denotes an arc from departure to arrival of something. Throw a rock at a rabbit and the rock describes a trajectory. So does a bullet, missile, etc.

In 2002 I did see a cross-shaped object move across a dark sky while using night-vision equipment. Was a deputy sheriff then. The incidence was duly reported to MUFON and later had an interview with one of their investigators. Don't know what I saw, but it was real.

What is interesting to me about the triangle thing you talk about . . . is not how many people observed the triangle, but how many did not! The geographic area of the object's path is over some of the most populated parts of the U.S. If such an occurrence actually happened then many, many people would have seen it. I just happen to be a dyed in the wool skeptic. A.W.


Hi...I just wanted to mention a sighting of the black triangle.It was actually several years ago. Lacombe, Alberta, Canada...Sept 2002. Two friends and myself had seen some amazing, crazy northern lights, and spent the next few nights going out to this school's soccer field down the road from our apartment to see if they might come back.

And the fall evenings were still warm and dry and pleasant and so we would just lie in the grass and chat like any gals, and wait. Sadly, we didn't see the northern lights again, like we had the first night, just a green smear of shimmer.....however we did notice a strange item moving through the sky on the last night we spent out there - yep the famous black triangle.

It seemed somewhat higher up compared to a lot of the reports I've read. It was triangular, totally black, blocking out the stars, three very strong lights, on each tip of the triangle shape, and a weaker blur of light in the very centre but it wasn't consistently noticeable, and I think its because it was farther away.

It went from horizon to horizon we guess, tho we didn't notice it until it was somewhat above the west horizon. Entirely silent for the entire time. Took about 6-7 minutes to get from the point at which we noticed it, to disappearing over the Eastern horizon.

The three of us just followed it with our eyes trying to figure out what kind of thing it might be - satellite, plane...??Curious, I decided to look it up. I was looking for satellites and other man-made crafts that would fit the description and found nothing. I always wondered if it was one of many commnly seen UFOs or something, but I didn't seem to come across anything like that either at the time. (internet searching skills poor? dunno)

But..Just recently, I watched a video on ETs and such, and the US, all that jazz, that sparked my interest, and upon looking at other UFO resources, it seemed I was running into endless reports of this thing, the Belgium spell with it, now blew my mind, we werent the only ones to have seen this, and apparently its no normal thing we know to be made by our own airlines/miliatary...

I'm baffled. Anyways...seems there wasn't a spell of mass sightings for 2002, but....well, we definately saw the thing.And I know any plane or anything else I've ever seen around the skies here, at that level of visibility, you could hear it. So...yeh, this was different. Alrighty...just thought you might be interesting to know where else it's been.


Tom, I've got an interest in this phenom. It's been a few years but I've got some video that accompanies my numerous accounts of triangles, spheres and domed objects too. I'm willing to share part of one: a morphing triangle.

Even though my personal reports and whatever video I have go back to 2001 (and my first sighting around 1980ish), I still continue to witness these "things" on occasion but don't take note any longer.

Recently (I'll note ;-), in February (probably the 20th or so), I saw a group of a half dozen spheroid objects moving across the sky. They were no more that 50 feet above ground and about the same from where I stood. They had an alternating grey and black streaked surface as they strobed or blinked quickly. They were grouped and moved together in a chevron formation and there wasn't any sound.

They all turned in unison at about a 45 degree angle from course. Reminded me at first of pigeons then later, as ducks yet neither of these explanations can account for the immediate and synchronized course change not to mention other notables.

I had, at first, reported my sightings to a local UFO investigator. I had thought I was witness to something extraordinary and waited on him to interview me. He never did and showed absolutely no interested in sightings at all. I was sure I had some new information but internet research revealed a couple of other similar accounts. I then scaled back my reports to a few simple descriptive words and submitted them to any of a small number of UFO reporting sites. After a while I just stopped reporting all together.

Whatever these "things" are, I continue to see them a few times a year. I'm not phased by seeing them any more and it's gotten to be ho-hum for me when I do.

I enjoy your blog. Most interesting about the fireballs/meteoroids.


seen over mayport base jacksonville fl it came in real fast and stop over the air filled


Back in 1974 to 1975 (winter) a black triangle was seen cruising up the runway and hovering over the nuke weapons storage site at Loring AFB. Strange lights were seen around the surounding area, including New Brunswick, Canada. This was seen and related to me by the structure firechief of the base when explaining why he was forced to stay overnight after the base was locked down. seems that this maynot be as new as many think.


Don't know if you are also interested in low-flying, silent, black "boomerang" type craft, but my children and I had an "experience /sighting" of same back in 1993. It was a really peculiar situation all the way around and I've written about it HERE

Not long after the sighting - very low and right over our heads as we were swimming in our pool - our dog died mysteriously and I suffered from what seemed to be mild radiation poisoning for over 6 months. My hair fell out, skin peeled off, strange swellings etc.
I don't think it was a military project.

PENNSYLVANIA, I78, 4-5-2007

April 5th 2007 I78 west bound Pa around 9-9:15pm
two triangular space craft flying side by side slowly not that far off the ground, maybe a few hundred feet off the ground. Dark for the most part, except for a small green light. Is it what I thought it was.



Another thing I noticed in the picture(s) is that the Triangular object and the Rectangular object both went right around Ohio. Why? It didn't even touch our borders? I live in Akron, OH home to Goodyear Aerospace, which is now Lockheed Martin. Could that have anything to do with this unusual pattern? Thanks. - R.L.


What's weird about these black triangles is that many times they follow the interstate highways. I think we are being visited by many species. This is one of them. What they want here is anybody's guess. Many of these species are not friendly. So I do not think they are going to save us. the truth is out there - J.C.


Hi I read your website on black triangles about being in eastern united states. I wonder if you guys ever notice something peculiar in all ufos sightings, regarding black triangles? As a hobby I do study about ufo reports, etc etc.. I keep noticing one issue is that these ufos keep appearing in areas where a major impact would happen. Like WTC, there was a ufo spotted a couple years before it happened, hovering above the towers. so many things happened like that, which makes me wonder... is it possible these things are from our future??? as they keep hovering or visiting a area where it had the most impact in history???? hmm just a thought to email you thanks KD


May I suggest that you get a military map of the US (and over seas) and a list of various government sites, and what they do at those sites. (there are any number of such sites) there is a correlation but it needs to be mapped out. From area 36 - J.B.


Dear Tom,

Thanks for your work on the cool BT Blogspot,well done !

I will post a link to you whenever I can getback on my finicky server on our BT Webpage. Personal Size BT Builder's Buffet. BT UAV 12ft.

If you know of anyone who wishes to build a BT please let me know. We need bucks of course, but also a long narrow greenhouse quonset style hangar,

We need some courageous partners who want to break the bonds and soar to new heights of freedom and fun. I have no doubt about our concepts, none, and once this info gets out there, the race will be on...who can fly one around the world the fastest ! ;-)

Bon VoyageSteve Davis


These Black Triangles are sometimes slow, sometimes huge, airships,why no video or pics? In this day of vid phones digital recorders and the like why has'nt anyone gotten an image? Thoughts?


Tommy you always surprise me. This is really cool stuff here. When I have a few minutes I am going to read everything on your site. I never heard anything about this but it’s cool. Stay in touch!!


Hello Tom, Great maps and data.

I look at your maps and I see a purpose. Lighter Than Air craft are known for one major thing. That is the ability to lift heavy weights. When I see your flight path I see a craft coming in on the normal great circle route from Europe from Newfoundland then to the industrial heartland of the Midwest. I see possible pickups of war material from several points in the midwest and then a path that would take it to the approximate lattitude of the Middle East. If you are planning action in Iran for example you would want to move additional heavy equipment and supplies into the area. It's rapic deployment that avoids the slow sea lanes. Not as fast a jet cargo plane but a heck of a lot faster than by train to a port and then on a slow ship with months of travel time. I'm sure this has occured to you as well. Great data! -C


Looks like it's following the new madrid fault zone. Perhaps an earthquake could be imminent?


Hi Tom, I'm just a long time airplane fan with an interest in anything that flys. Here is one data point on the lifting capacity of Lighter than Air Craft, WWI and WWII German Zeppelin's could lift at least 40 to 50 tons of weight. Keep in mind that modern composite materials would make the airframe lighter with a corresponding increase in payload. Add aerodynamic lift from a flying wing shape and you could lift even more weight.


Technological progressStrategic issues aside, Zeppelin technology improved considerably as a result of the increasing demands of warfare. In late World War I the Zeppelin Company, having spawned several dependencies around Germany with shipyards closer to the fronts than Friedrichshafen, delivered airships of around 200m (660ft) in length (some even more) and with volumes of 56,000-69,000m³. These dirigibles could carry loads of 40-50 tonnes and reach speeds up to 100-130 km/h (60-65mph) using five or even six Maybach engines of around 260hp (195 kW) each.To avoid enemy defences such as British aircraft guns and searchlights, Zeppelins became capable of much higher altitudes (up to 7,600 m) and they also proved capable of long-range flights. For example, LZ104 "L 59", based in Yambol, Bulgaria, was sent to reinforce troops in German East Africa (today Tanzania) in November 1917. The ship did not arrive in time and had to return following reports of German defeat by British troops, but it had travelled 6,757 km in 95 hours and thus had broken a long-distance flight record. -C


Tom, Here is another interesting web site and some cargo and cost estimates.

Marine Corps Times.comOctober 19, 2005
Report gives nod to airships for strategic lift

By Rick MazeTimes staff writerA new congressional report endorses the idea of buying heavy-lift airships instead of cargo jets to get troops and equipment to future wars. Fifteen airships could deliver 1,000 tons of cargo a day, three times as much as a fleet of 21 C-17 Globemasters, the report says. Developing and buying 14 to 16 airships and operating them for 30 years would cost about $11.3 billion, the report says.


A Few Comments on Black Triangles

1) The editor of Popular Mechanics once told Art Bell, the late night radio host, that he wasgoing to publish an article on the amazing newproperties of materials formed in space. Asexamples, the editor cited glass formed in spacewas as hard as steel. This would mean that 40,000mph Black Triangles are able to withstand the frictionof the earth's atmosphere.

2) Black Triangles are of earthly origin. 40,000 mphwould not get you from another solar system to another.The original Black Triangles were slower. The first UFOseen after WW II was quite slow and well under a 1,000mph. The increase in speed of most UFOs and of BlackTriangles would lead me to believe that most the improvement in UFO technology is related to the growthof U.S. technology. I do believe it is possibler that there are UFOs from otherplanets, but Black Triangles are from the Pentagon.

I should point out that the Popular Mechanics article was never published. PM is a CIA tool. -D


Hi Tom,

I got a link to your BT blog via the UFO UpDates - Toronto newsletter. (Great job you're doing!).

I downloaded the full video from the MUFON site, and I've been playing around with the brightness/contrast controls to try to get some definition of any structure associated with the lights. So far I've been unable to achieve this. To your knowledge has anybody been successful in doing this?

Many thanks and best regards,-- G.C.


Thanks Tom,

I think you can make this happen, we only need a few more people who believe and have a few bucks. A BT only costs about as much as a regular small aircraft, and once more are produced and debugged, it would definately be affordable...

Ok, are you ready to rock and roll? Here is the secret engine fuel controller we havebeen waiting for !!!! I am sooooo jazzzzzed. aaaahummmmmmmmmmmmm 130HP !!! '



Tom, I just happily chanced across your website-blog yesterday. It is a truly exceptional objective, coherent, organized, and informative of the on-line journals that I've found.

An empirical pattern of the "black triangles" is the seeming endless variable ; morphology, surface, detail, lighting structure and emission modality. This variation suggests to me, a predominantexotic origin custom specific process.

A taxonomy would be lengthy. though certain subgroups seem to exist ( the craft seen in vicinity of aerospace facilities and certain test ranges/air mobility centers----my research indicates we have field propulsion----that is layered by a less black LTA stealth rigid airframes program, which may be presented, in a temporizing gambit, to conceal the deep black gravity propelled craft. ) most AAO's are sui generis subtly or quite unique. The diverse stellar origins, manufacturing variety of a big busy galaxy likely is the source of endlessdifference, I guess that mean there are no galactic GMs, or maybe there are hundreds of them.Your thoughts?


At first glance, I immediately thought of an impending tectonic event on the New Madrid Fault. They are there because something is either about to happen, or they are trying to help us avert the intensity. Just my wacky intuition. Great article and information!!! Thank you so much!


May I say that it is high time someone began such a blog. While I cannot say that I know what is going on in our skies, it is certain that something is happening!

There is a thread on Black Triangles at (presently down) which you might find of interest.

In any event, congratulations; I'm glad you're here, and will return from time to time.
K.S. - Alaska


These are military black project craft that are still in the testing phase the last I heard. Many of the UFO report are coming from jokers releasing Asian hot air baloons... and there are a LOT of different contractors both private and government that have 6 ft diameter drones that are saucer shapped. Material Science and current technology developed by us humans is about 30 years ahead of what the public sees. It has been that way since WWII.

The large Triangle Craft are ligter than air craft, use helium, light weights turbons and also the electro static effect of moving air similar to the Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers. Frankly reporting these things can tip off our foes on what we have under wrapps. If someone sees a craft land and 3 ft tall grey skinned mellon shaped heads exit and take soil samples that is different. We arent the only country that has developed such devices.

If it came to a full scale world war again, you would see lots of new air craft appear like the stealth craft did. Be patient, a massive war with the middle east is unavoidable... and quite frankly has to be done sooner or later.

Thank you for reading Black Triangles, Parts 1 through 4, The Back Triangle Sightings Event 2-19-07 to 2-22-07. Join me for my next report, here at .

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