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One summer evening, August 23rd, 2004, something very unusual happened over the State of Victoria, near Melborne, in the southern tip of Australia.

Very strange, unexplainable lights appeared to hover low in the sky. Multiple witnesses saw the phenomenon, it was caught on camera, and it was captured on video by two separate witnesses.

It started in Strathmore, at about 8:15pm. One gentleman was out walking along the border of the Essendon Airport, enjoying the evening, and checking out the Pascoe Vale cityscape. Nothing strange was seen at first. Just aircraft moving towards Tullamarine Airport.

But then, at an elevation of about 60 degrees, in the northeastern corner of the sky, Six strange lights appeared. They were silent, "star-like", orange, and heading south. Strangest of all, though, was that these 6 lights seemed to form two triangles, in formation, travelling side by side towards Pascoe Vale.

Courtesy of The Australian UFO Research Network

The Strathmore witness ran home, brought his wife outside, who confirmed the sighting. The phones started ringing, and an enormous mass UFO encounter began.

At 8:25pm, another witness reported his sighting. He too saw the very same orange lights, close together, heading in a southward direction, towards Pascoe Vale. It wasn't an airplane; It wasn't a helicopter; It wasn't anything anyone had ever seen before. Something unusual and mysterious, was hovering southward in the skies over the State of Victoria. Many people saw it, reported it, and gazed in wonder.

At approximately 8:30pm, the UFOs reached Pascoe Vale. It was then, that they appeared before the residence of Mark and Janine Blease. These witnesses were smart enough to grab their video camera. The Blease family captured one of the most mysterious pieces of UFO video evidence ever to claim the imagination of the folks from the land down under.

Imagine living in Pascoe Vale on August 23rd, 2004, at 8:30pm. Wouldn't you love to have been one of the many who had seen these UFOs up close? If only you were there, to make up your own mind, and render your own judgement.

Well, investigator John W. Auchettl, director of PRA, was able to obtain two different pieces of video evidence. While this video footage is short and sweet, it is vivid, clear, steady, and real.

Imagine no longer: What you are about to see, is the Blease Pascoe Vale Twin Triangles footage, courtesy of the hard work of Mr. Auchettl:

It's encouraged that you view this footage in full-screen format. To do so, go to YOUTUBE, and click the icon in the bottom right corner.

As you can see, there appear to be 6 very bright lights in the sky, forming two triangles, in formation, travelling in a southward direction, and hovering over the city of Pascoe Vale. If you magnify this footage full-screen on your computer monitor, you may be able to detect the trees and structures in the foreground.

This foreground, visual information is useful, and in fact, very rare in typical UFO video footage. With that information, it should help you to guage the general size of the formations, their distance from the ground, their overall dimensions, and their overall speed.

As a part of Mr. Auchettl's investigation, he contacted Air Traffic Control. He determined that no aircraft were noted to be flying in the skies over Pascoe Vale at that time. No radar detected any evidence of any craft in this area.

Eleven witnesses were interviewed in total. Video footage, testimony, and photographic evidence all corroborated the sighting. In the morning, Mr. and Mrs. Blease went on "The Breakfast Show", a local AM radio talk show out of Melborne. Many people called in, further confirming and corroborating the encounter. Channel 7 Television out of Melbornr also ran a piece on the story, making it "Newsie" for Australia. By the end of the week, this was a full-blown mass UFO encounter.

Investigator Diane Harrison of AUFORN got hold of the information from the UFO hotline, along with several photographic pieces of evidence, and began conducting an in-depth study. She made several interesting observations.

Courtesy of AUFORN.

She confirmed that these anomalous lights hovered at a consistent 300 meters above ground (about 1000 feet in the air). There were definitely 6 lights, and they definitely moved together in close formation. They were indeed moving in a southward direction, and all witnesses described the lights as yellow to orange in color.

Two other interesting observations Ms. Harrison made, was that they were not consistently spaced apart throughout the encounter, and that they were round, all the way around, or as she described it, "from front to back.".

Courtesy of AUFORN.

Ms. Harrison took measurements of some enalarged photographic evidence. You can see here that the lights are not evenly spaced apart in this particular image. So, this triangle, for example, is not a perfect triangle shape. Furthermore, the edges do not measure up perfectly. One side of the triangle measured 4.1 centimeters, while the other side measured 4.3 centimeters.

Courtesy of AUFORN.

Yet in this image, we do, in fact, have what appears to measure out to be a perfectly shaped triangle. The lights appear more white, and consistent with the video footage, and the lights do appear to be more rounded as well.

When all was said and done, no formal conclusions were made by either Auchettl or Harrison. The case remains an open mystery to this day, almost 3 years later. Mr. Auchettl and Ms. Harrison both discontinued any public investigation of this phenomenon, and eventually, everyone seemed to become disinterested, and like many UFO cases, this one simply became a lost, unanswered chapter in history.


Could we be looking at real, live Black Triangles? Let's take a moment to compare some features of a Typical black triangle sighting: They generally involve large, black to opaque, triangular shaped craft; They generally involve bright lights on each end of the triangle, and they are generally observed to hover slowly, in an open, even brazen deployment. One could suggest that, perhaps,based on the evidence we've seen so far, this anomalous activity is very much behaving in that exact fashion.

It is certainly quite possible that Mr. and Mrs. Blease caught two black triangles on tape.

But, one final report worth noting, came to NUFORC, with a report date of 8-24-04, at approximately 10:10pm, near Melbourne, Victoria. While the date and time is not consistent with the other witnesses, I find this testimony most interesting.

The witness was having dinner, when he spotted 6 orange lights in the sky, forming the shape of two triangles, and drifting, slowly, in a southward direction. He watched this phenomenon for about 5 minutes, until the object vanished "...As if someone was dimming the lights." So, even though the date and time are slightly off, everything else seems to be consistent with the mass sighting.

If this witness did, in fact, see the same object, than it is likely he is reporting the end of the event.

If this witness did not, in fact, see the same object, than it is likely that he observed a different event, but involving the exact same 6 orange to yellow lights forming 2 triangles, in formation.

And that made me wonder:

Is there another, more human explanation here?

When viewed from a distance, what known quantity, might slowly vanish from view, as if someone was dimming the lights?

Join me next time, here at the Black Triangles Journal, , where this 8-23-04 event will be further analyzed, in Part 2 of the Pascoe Vale Triangles.

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manfr0mmars said...

I was on an Alaska airlines flight from anchorage to Seattle on 04/06/2007. About 15 to 20 minutes out of Seattle I saw a rectangle out side the right window. It was 150 to 200 foot to the right and below the jet. It was going a little slower than the jet because we overtook it and passed it. It stayed on the same course as the jet. I watched it until I was unable to see it out my window. I did not see a fuselage tale or wings; I did not see a contrail. Have no idea what it was.

ganesh said...

Greetings from South India!

Can anyone tell me why the Black Triangles are not sighted anywhere over Asia? Almost all the reports I read are from the Western Hemisphere..


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