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Are you new to the Black Triangle phenomenon? Are you looking to get a nice snapshot or an overall view of the entire scene? Undeniably, the first place you should go, is NIDS:

"The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) is a privately funded science institute engaged in research of aerial phenomena, animal mutilations, and other related anomalous phenomena...NIDS maintains a large database of anomalous activity and investigates reports whenever possible, using a combination of high quality ex-law enforcement investigative teams and contract research involving nationally accredited laboratories in the veterinary, biological (including bacteriological, virological and DNA), chemical, and materials sciences. The results of these investigations are published in peer reviewed journals and on the NIDS website."

Genesis I, launched July 12th, 2006

NIDS is comprised of well known individuals in the area of business and science. One of its most well-respected individuals is the president of the board, Mr. Robert T. Bigelow, president of Bigelow Aerospace, one of the first privately funded corporations to actually launch a satellite into space for the sole-purpose of furthering the advances of the private Space Tourism industry. You can actually look up in the sky on any given night, and if you know it's trajectory, Bigelows first pet satellite, the Genesis I, will fly overhead. You can take pictures, and wish you were on good terms with Mr. Bigelow. He's one of the only men on the planet that could actually "get your stuff" into Space for a tour of big blue, as he prepares to launch his next satellite, the Genesis II. Better get your checkbook out.

Dr. Jacques Vallee, Ph.D.

Another key player at NIDS is none other than Dr. Jacques Vallee, Ph.D. Did you ever see the 1977 film, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"? Actor Fran├žois Truffaut essentially portrayed Dr. Vallee in a fictional depiction, as the character Claude LaCombe. He is well renowned in Ufology circles as one of the leading scientific researchers of our time on the subject. Dr. Vallee studied the UFO phenomenon throughout the 1960s and 1970s, alongside his mentor, Dr. J. Allen Hyneck. He's written several books on the subject, and Dr. Vallee's quite respectable list of other accomplishments includes the fields of mathematics, astrophysics, computer science, artifical intelligence, and venture capitalism. His list of previous employers include NASA, McDonald Douglas, The University of Texas at Austin, and The Paris Observatory.

But NIDS is not just Dr. Vallee and Mr. Bigelow, of course. It includes a whole host of other renowned scientists, Doctors, and Scholars in the fields of biology, astronomy, psychology, Medicine, Military Expertise, laser physics, quantum electronics, theoretical physics, aerospace consulting, Statistics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and well, much more. Also included on the list of personnel for this institute is Dr. John Alexander, Dr. Warren Burggren, Dr. Douglas Ferraro, Dr. Albert Harrison, Dr. Edgard Mitchell, Dr. Melvin Morse, Dr. Martin Pitch, Dr. Harold Puthoff, Mr. Theodore Rockwell (of The Manhattan Project), Mr. John Schuessler, Dr. Jessica Utts, Dr. Jim Whinnery, and Dr. Colm Kelleher.

And why would I select NIDS as the best starting point for learning more about Black Triangles? Well, it all began with one report. A police officer from the small town of Shiloh, Illinois, called the NIDS hotline on January 5th, 2000, and reported to them one of the best recorded, most reliable cases of the Black Triangle phenomenon, in United States history:

"NIDS was abruptly exposed to the Flying Triangle phenomenon on the morning of January 5, 2000 when a police officer called the hotline to report a close encounter with a very large, silent, brightly lit object in western Illinois. Following a high profile investigation by NIDS it emerged that five separate police officers in several different precincts and over a dozen other eyewitnesses had seen the object as it flew slowly in a southwesterly direction. "

View of rear and underside of craft as described by Officer Barton
image courtesy of

The officers' report was so convincing to NIDS, that they launched a full-scale investigation into the phenomenon. They studied thousands of reports, they carefully analyzed the data, and this group of well respected, highly intelligent individuals, came to some startling conclusions about what Black Triangles most likely are, and what they most likely are not. After rendering these conclusions, the word got out.

And what did Mr. Bigelow find? What conclusions did Dr. Vallee and this team of world-renowned scientists, experts, and scholars render, with respect to the Black Triangle phenomenon?

Stay tuned for my next report.

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Darryl Barker
Producer, "The Edge of Reality, Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000"

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