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" see what appeared to be a high rise building like structure hovering above him..."
- FORT LORAMIE, OHIO NUFORC report, 2-19-07

"...It had a rectangular shape with about 4 or 5 rows of small rectangular lights. The lights were blinking vey fast...My heart has never raced like that before."

"[I] have seen planes, planets, meteors all the like; but this was quite unusual...Have you received any reports of a large plane (or other object?) passing over our skies @ about 1:10 a.m.Thursday morning of February 22?..."

"...I noticed a rapidly moving completely silent craft. The craft was shaped roughly like a somewhat skinny axehead, with the "axe blade" in the front..."

Artist's depiction of a black rectangular UFO sighting.


Earlier in this report, you learned that the diagram from the Black Triangle sighting in Gridley, Illinois, included a drawing of a rectangular shape. The diagram described it as follows: "...turned on side into rectangle...".

Close up: Drawing of rectanglular craft, from Gridley, Illinois 2-20-07 witness

I spoke with the Gridley, Illinois witness about this observation in further detail, to gain some clarification, and this is what she had to say:

"The ship actually changed it's shape..I saw it with my own eyes. It moved up onto it's side, the nose started turning it's front point inward and was engulfed into the bottom of the ship....I was seeing this very close up with my binoculars and the whole craft turned into a rectangle. I could tell that with and without the binoculars...

Gridley, Illinois vantage point: Craft approached from the North, hovered over these pine trees, and passed over the apartment complex. The parking lot is behind this vantage point, next to the buildings. The witness is to the left in this image, and viewed the triangle using her binoculars. Notice the close distance of the encounter.

Craft would have travelled over this field from the north.

"When we first saw the triangle shape, the bottom of the ship was facing the ground...then when it started to change, it began to rock back and forth then quickly went up onto it's side with the bottom now facing me and my daughter(still shaped like a triangle). At this time she ran into the apartment, scared out of her wits...I was beginning to get scared but stayed for a minute to see what was happening. It was obvious that it was a triangle before it changed and then it turned into a rectangle. I had a full view of what shapes it was..."

Craft was viewed through these binoculars

The Gridley, Illinois close-encounter witness, provides you with compelling testimony about the very nature of this unusual craft she saw on the evening of February 20th, 2007. Somehow, from her perspective, as strange as this may sound, this craft appeared to morphologically change from the shape of a triangle, into the shape of a rectangular craft.

And with that startling testimony, I'm now going to turn your attention to four more witnesses who reported unusual, close encounters with UFO craft on the evenings of February 19th, 2007 through February 22nd, 2007, under the skies of the midwestern United States.

Remember that these are actual NUFORC reports. None of these witnesses know each other, or have any knowledge of any of the other testimony given. The consistencies and differences that you are about to hear, are organic in nature, and have not been altered in any way:


2-19-07, 9:00pm to 11:00pm
Sidenote: This witness reported observering a rectangular shaped object the size of a "hovering apartment building", over the Lake Loramie channel, in Fort Loramie, Ohio. In addition, this craft hovered at approximately 1000 feet, and then "abruptly shot out into space...", leaving a hole in the clouds. The witness reports heavy winds associated with the event. Weather conditions were reported as "calm" for this area.

Map of Lake Loramie State Park. Sighting was at the Luthman Road, Route 119 intersection in the upper right corner. Map, courtesy of Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

"While driving home on County Rd. 78 ( Luthman Rd.) in Shelby county, said person stopped along the road near a state park area to use a blue outhouse to relieve himself. While using the facilities he had left his car door open with the radio playing loudly on a local fm station.

Tourism picture of Lake Loramie Channel, courtesy of Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

"Upon exiting the blue outhouse he noticed his radio went to complete static. As he attempted to take the few large steps thru the knee high snow, he for whatever reason looked out the channel and upward to see what appeared to be a high rise building like structure hovering above him in the area of Lehmkuhl Landing, near the intersection of Rte. 119 and Luthman Rd.

"The object seemed to be a kind of Black which seemed to mimic the stars around it in order to blend in. The surfaces were hard to distinguish, and not enough to discern an exact shape. Nevetheless best guesses lean towards an upright rectangular shape.

"The distance between observer, the object, and the lake below was extremely hard to observe therefore the altitude of the UFO was not possible to calculate. Guesses lean towards the huge object to be approx. 1000ft in the air while the top of the object must have been approx. 30 to 60 floors high as described by the observer while comparing it to a hovering apartment building from a large city.

"While the observer was stunned and had been standing, staring in amazement for approx. 30 seconds the silence of the entire area including the object was noticed. There was no sounds except for the car and the static radio.

"The object abruptly shot off towards space with no sound and at speeds uncomprehendable to the observer. The object traveled through a cloud in the sky which left a hole that quickly refilled in the cloud. It would also be noticably important to mention that there were considerable windy conditions during this event.

"The following night while typing this out the weather conditions where described as winds having calmed causing freezing fog to plague the dark area."

2-21-07, at 10:45PM

Sidenote: Here is another rectangular-shaped sighting of an object hovering over Somerset, Pennsylvania. It had 4 to 5 rows of small rectangular lights, and fast, blinking lights were described.

"I was driving home from a friends home, and I saw bright blue lights in the sky. I pulled over because I knew it was not an airplane. I looked up at it and it was going fairly fast, sideways.

"It had a rectangular shape with about 4 or 5 rows of small rectangular lights. The lights were blinking vey fast.

"The road I was on was coming down from a ski resort and there were not many homes around, just a few farms , and lots of fields.

"When I stopped to look at this object, it was hovered about a mile from the ground, and then it took off sideways again. I could not tell where it went because it went so fast. I have had dreams about ufos but this was the first time I ever saw any. I am sure of what i saw, my heart has never raced like that before. "

Artists depiction of black rectangular UFO's, courtesy of Billy Booth at

2-22-07, at 7:50PM

Sidenote: An "axehead-shaped" craft was seen silently hovering overhead, while this gentleman was out walking his dog. The witness indicated it was not illuminated, and it was moving silently, and quickly, heading eastbound towards Lake Michigan.

"While out walking the dog, I was looking at the sky. It was clear out, with a bright quarter-moon and bright stars. Looking up and in front of me, I noticed a rapidly moving completely silent craft. The craft was shaped roughly like a somewhat skinny axehead, with the "axe blade" in the front, two fluted sides forming the right and left flanks, and the smaller base of the axe in the back. The front end, perhaps half the length as the sides, may have been somewhat rounded. The back end was perhaps half the length of the front end.

"Although the craft must have passed almost directly overhead just moments before, I couldn’t hear any sound from it. It was perhaps nickel-sized at arm’s length. It did not appear to be self-illuminated, but the moonshine from behind me must have been illuminating it enough for me to see it relatively clearly. There was a bit of a shimmering appearance to it. This was not an easy object to see, however. If I hadn’t been looking at almost that exact spot in the sky, and if it hadn't been moving, I wouldn’t have noticed it.

"It was moving across the sky fairly quickly, directly eastbound in a straight line towards Lake Michigan, and within fifteen seconds or so passed out of sight behind the trees in my yard. I ran down the block to the next clearing, but I was unable to see it again. I was alone with my dog, and certainly there was no time to get anybody else outside to see it.

"I’d like to encourage anyone reading this to watch the skies, high and low, day or night, for unusual objects. If you see something inexplicable, get somebody else as a corroborating witness if at all possible! And get photos if you can. Call the newspapers and radio stations! And at the very least, file a written report. Don't just keep it to yourself. "

National UFO Reporting Center, in Davenport, Washington. Image, courtesy of Peter Davenport and NUFORC.

2-22-07, at 1:10AM

Sidenote: This witness, an amateur astronomer, alongside her brother, reported a large craft passing overhead in the early morning hours of February 22nd, 2007. She sees 2 orange and 1 uncentered greyish light. She almost describes them as flickering. She could not make out a shape. She was meticulous in her honest report of this sighting to NUFORC, and she wavers back and forth in wondering if perhaps it was a misunderstood, regular plane. She states that "...[I] have seen planes, planets, meteors all the like; but this was quite unusual." She feels compelled to report it, and asks quite innocently, "Have you received any reports of a large plane (or other object?) passing over our skies @ about 1:10 a.m. thursday morning of February 22?"

It is fair to say that the answer to her question is emphatically, yes. A large, rectangular shaped craft was reported over the skies of Somerset, Pennsylvania, not more than 2 1/2 hours prior.

"Have you received any reports of a large plane (or other object?) passing over our skies @ about 1:10 a.m.Thursday morning of February 22?

"I certainly saw something, raced up to tell my brother, and he saw it as well. I was peeking my head out our window to see if Sirius had set yet and to see Saturn, when I noticed what looked like two stars of equal magnitude that I didn't recognize (not that I'm knowledgeable enough to notice something out of just looked odd). They were moving though, so I thought plane...which would be nothing out of the ordinary, they are always overhead, blinking away.

"These really weren't blinking...and the lights were too far apart to be from the same plane. it passed overhead slowly, couldn't have been extremely high in the sky, on account of the wingspan covering a wide field of the sky.

"There was a noise similar to the kind of noise you get as a large plane many thousands of feet in the sky passes overhead (you know, you see it and the sound is slower, so it appears that the sound of it is trailing behind)(it was very low in pitch, could be easily heard from indoors, and spooked a few of the local animals, including a cow...which I didn't know lived so close to us:).

"I could not make out a shape of the object, just its lights...three of them two on the outside being a very light orange with the third being grayish but not centered in between the two on the outside. They weren't crisply flickering, I'm not even sure you could say they flickered at all.

"I wasn't sure who to contact, I looked in the phone book under Evansville Regional Airport, but the numbers were for parking employees, Security office...none of them seemed like the right contact for this type of question. Anyways, I just wondered if anyone else had seen it and reported of it, or if there was some kind of way you might forward this to anybody who would be interested or aware of what was flying overhead during that time.

"I am an amateur stargazer, have seen planes, planets, meteors all the like; but this was quite unusual and worth my trouble to email you, and hopefully I wasn't to much trouble for you to hear out. Thanks."


Four additional sightings must now be added to the previous six. Ten sightings of large craft in total, occurring between the hours of approximately 7:00am and 12:00pm, from 2-19-07 through 2-22-07. All of these sightings primarily occurred in the skies above the midwestern United States, and all of them made such a large impact on these individuals, that they felt so compelled to notify NUFORC and MUFON, and file a report.

Many of the characteristics of these rectangular sightings are similar to those of the black triangle reports: They are also "huge"; They are also hovering; They are also black; and They also appear to be virtually silent.

In addition, however, some have reported a low-pitched or static hum or sound; There are some descriptions of the object camouflaging with the dark background, blending in with the night sky, and yet blocking out stars; Some are reported with seeing rectangular-shaped lights, like windows; Some of the light colors are different as well, and include orange glow and fast blinking; Great thrust from stationary to fast speeds is also reported. The Arlington Heights report described the object he saw as an unusual "Axe-shape".

It's difficult not to see a connection between these two different kinds of sightings. On the one hand, you have black triangles, and on the other hand, you have black rectangles, axe-heads, and undetermined shapes. They are all being seen in the same general area, and they are all being seen during the same general time frame. Is it possible, that at least some of these objects, might be the same objects, as the black triangles witnessed over the skies of Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Tennessee?

Based on the "morphing" testimony of the witness in Gridley, Illinois, who claims to have seen these black triangles up close and personal, anything is possible.

I must admit that the idea of a "morphing" craft, is unsettling. I don't know what to make of it. Either it is an accurate observation, or it is not. If the testimony of the witness in Gridley, Illinois, is taken out of context, alone, and without other additional information, it would be easy to dismiss this observation out of hand.

But, if you want to understand something as complex and mysterious as the black triangles phenomenon, you simply cannot exclude or deny evidence that presents itself to you. I have no explanation for these facts. But, facts they are. The witness from Gridley, Illinois is adament about what she saw. She saw it up close, and she saw it through binoculars. She provided her testimony to NUFORC in February, 2007, at or around the same time that all these other individuals provided their testimony.

Along with the report of a triangular shaped craft morphing into a rectangular shaped craft in Gridley, Illinois, we discover that a witness saw a black rectangle in Ohio, in Pennsylvania, in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and black triangles and other shapes were also seen all over the midwestern United States, during the exact same time period as the Gridley, Illinois sighting.

Given all of that, you must look at this evidence with an open mind. If you are interested in getting to the truth, none of this testimony should be dismissed, simply because it is unusual. The entire phenomenon is unusual. None of us in the general public, know for sure, what these craft actually are. There are many unusual unknowns.

But even with all of the questions you are ultimately left with, after examining the testimony and evidence, it is hard not to walk away without concluding that at the very least, these people witnessed and experienced something very unexplainable, and very real.

Join me in the 3rd part of this report, wherein I will share with you the final NUFORC reports of these four compelling evenings. Part 3, Military activity and other anomalies of February, 2007, here at .

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Thank you to all the witnesses who have reported their sightings to NUFORC and MUFON on this case, especially Gridley, Illinois. I appreciate your input on this report.

Some of the testimony was edited strictly for syntax. You can review the testimonials in their entirety, by conducting a simple search at the NUFORC and MUFON websites.


Ken said...

I have just found your site through

May I say that it is high time someone began such a blog. While I cannot say that I know what is going on in our skies, it is certain that something is happening!

There is a thread on Black Triangles at (presently down) which you might find of interest.

In any event, congratulations; I'm glad you're here, and will return from time to time.

Kenneth Johnson
Sand Point Alaska

Anonymous said...

These are military black project craft that are still in the testing phase the last I heard. Many of the UFO report are coming from jokers releasing Asian hot air baloons... and there are a LOT of different contractors both private and government that have 6 ft diameter drones that are saucer shapped. Material Science and current technology developed by us humans is about 30 years ahead of what the public sees. It has been that way since WWII. The large Triangle Craft are ligter than air craft, use helium, light weights turbons and also the electro static effect of moving air similar to the Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers. Frankly reporting these things can tip off our foes on what we have under wrapps. If someone sees a craft land and 3 ft tall grey skinned mellon shaped heads exit and take soil samples that is different. We arent the only country that has developed such devices. If it came to a full scale world war again, you would see lots of new air craft appear like the stealth craft did. Be patient, a massive war with the middle east is unavoidable... and quite frankly has to be done sooner or later.

Laura Knight Jadczyk said...

Don't know if you are also interested in low-flying, silent, black "boomerang" type craft, but my children and I had an "experience /sighting" of same back in 1993. It was a really peculiar situation all the way around and I've written about it HERE

Not long after the sighting - very low and right over our heads as we were swimming in our pool - our dog died mysteriously and I suffered from what seemed to be mild radiation poisoning for over 6 months. My hair fell out, skin peeled off, strange swellings etc.

I don't think it was a military project.