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" hovered for almost a minute or two above us. It swayed from side to side and at one point stood up and looked tall but then went back to it's triangular shape...we could see pulsating white and red lights...and it was huge!..."
- Gridley, Illinois NUFORC report, 2-20-07

"What I did see was 3 white, bright circles in a triangular formation and a fading red light between the back 2..."
- Mequon, Wisconsin NUFORC report, 2-20-07

"...What the hell is that!"
- Hermitage, Tennessee NUFORC report, 2-22-07

"...Notice object hovering when I looked out from my deck...I have never seen anything like this before..."
- Kansas testimony MUFON report with Video footage, 2-22-07

Take a good, close look at this image.

What you are looking at is a visual representation of all UFO sightings reported to NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) during a four day period of time, from monday, 2-19-07 through thursday, 2-22-07, most events taking place between the hours of 7:00pm and 12:00am.

All NUFORC reported sightings from the period fo 2-19-07 through 2-22-07, layered onto Google Earth. Black Triangles depict Black Triangle Sightings; Black Rectangles depict Black Rectangular object sightings; Yellow pins indicate all other sightings including fireballs, orbs, and other anomalies. CLICK HERE for large scale viewing and further details.

Sidenote: Because of some compelling video evidence, I've also included one additional MUFON sighting into this examination.

That's 28 reported UFOs: 6 of them were Triangular in shape; 4 of them were Rectangular in shape; The remaining reports were various lights, orbs, fireballs, and other anamolies.

1) Notice the complete lack of activity in the Western United States?

2) What's causing the high level of UFO reports to be generated mostly around the Great Lakes, and the Midwestern United States, all within 4 nights of eachother?

3) 36% of these NUFORC reports are comprised of Triangular and Rectangular shaped craft, demonstrating consistent and unusual behavior, such as hovering, large size, black exterior, red and white illuminated lights, and silent propulsion. They blend in with the dark sky, they hover at slow speeds, than take off with unconventional thrust.

What could be the simplest explanation here? How can such unusual sightings, be corroborated by so many people, in the same geographic area, during the same general time, over the same 4 day period?

One possibility, is that something happened over the skies of the midwestern United States, on the evenings of February 19th, 2007 through February 22nd, 2007.

Actual witnesses will report their sightings to you in their own words, using diagrams to explain their experiences, photographs to document the objects they saw, and videotape to show the world.

Join me, as we put it all together, and begin to uncover what may be one of the least reported, and possibly most compelling UFO events of 2007 so far:


The 6 individuals you are about to meet, reported seeing triangular-shaped craft on the four evenings in question.

It is worth noting that there are several consistent characteristics reported about these objects: They are "huge"; They appear dark and opaque; They appear to be made of metal; They can appear with bright (and sometimes flashing) white and red lights; They can hover; They can move slowly; They are seen over populated areas, even apartment complexes and small town streets; Their propulsion system appears to be virtually silent; And, they seem to be in open deployment, without fear of being seen.

This testimony is complimented with 2 compelling diagrams from the Illinois sighting, and one piece of video footage from the Kentucky sighting.

Keep in mind that while each is reported by one individual, most of these experiences were shared alongside family members and friends.

1) Gridley, Illinois:
2-20-07, 9:00PM
Sidenote: NUFORC indicates that the event date was reported as 2-21-07 but was an estimate. This witness has indicated to me that she firmly believes 2-20-07 was the actual occurrence date. That change is noted above for this report.

I was in the kitchen getting ready to feed my bunny when all of a sudden I got hot from the inside out and had to run outside because of the was pretty dark outside and around 9pm...

I looked toward the North and saw two huge white lights in the sky(fairly low) through the pine trees that were coming right towards our apartment...

Witness diagram 1 from Gridley, Ill. CLICK HERE to explore this diagram in larger detail.

There was no noise the whole time this was happening...I called for my 25 year old daughter to come out and look and I asked her to run and get the binoculars...After she gave it to me, it hovered for almost a minute or two above us. It swayed from side to side and at one point stood up and looked tall but then went back to it's triangular shape...we could see pulsating white and red lights...and it was huge!

We agreed on what we both was definitely a UFO. After we looked through the binoculars and saw details of the ship it was obviously not of our world! It was a dark gray color with odd looking squiggly like markings on it. My daughter got scared when she saw it up close with the binoculars and was trying to pull me back inside...I was pretty shook up too..I ran back out to see if it was still there and it was heading south of town. I watched it until it disappeared.

Witness diagram 2 from Gridley, Ill. CLICK HERE to explore this diagram in larger detail.

My daughter got scared when she saw it up close with the binoculars and was trying to pull me back inside...I was pretty shook up too..I ran back out to see if it was still there and it was heading south of town. I watched it until it disappeared."

2) Mequon, Wisconnsin (note: 215 miles North of Gridley):
2-20-07, 7:15pm
Sidenote: This sighting may have occurred about 2 hours prior to the Gridley, Illinois sighting. The Gridley sighting noted that the craft was moving in a Southward direction. That means that this could be the same object witnessed earlier in the evening...

I didn't see any real body of the craft because it was night. What I did see was 3 white, bright circles in a triangular formation and a fading red light between the back 2. I didn't see any propulsion on the back so the white circles must have been making it hover. I also didn't see the standard flashing red and green lights on airplanes.

3) Hermitage, Tennessee:
2-22-07, 7:45pm
Sidenote: We'll now project forward 2 evenings to 2-22-07, where this witness from Tennessee reports a black, "crescent" shaped object, the size of a jet-liner, hovering 300 to 400 feet above ground, travelling at approximately 40mph. Note that this is southward from the previous sightings.

On Feb.22 around 7:45 that evening a friend was leaving. We had just stepped out the back door. Having a few telescopes and [being an] amateur astrologer, I had looked up at Orians Belt. They were very bright.

I had started to tell my friend "who is retired [from] American Air Lines" that there is a nebula there between those stars when he said, "what the hell is that!"

I didn't see it until he pointed it out: Coming directly at us, was a craft flying about three to four hundred feet above the ground. It had no lights.

The only way you could tell that it was there, [was because] it was reflecting lights from the ground. The craft was a gold bronze color moving at about forty mph. It was very black, only darker than the sky. The shape was a cresent figure. The most amazing thing to me [was] that something that size, a little bigger than a jet liner, [had] not a sound [coming] from it.

After we had tried to figure [out] what this was, about two minutes after the sighting, there came all these geese and ducks, kind of going in the direction of the craft. We figuring that they had been scared up from Percy Preist Lake."

4) Kentucky Video Footage:
2-22-07, Evening
This was a MUFON report involving some compelling video-footage. This sighting is reported to have occurred on the same date, and within 200 miles, of the Hermitage, Tennessee Black Triangle report. Could these two sightings be related? Are we looking at the same craft?

Notice object hovering when I look out from my deck. I started to use the video on my cell phone. Then I told my girlfriend to grab our digital camera for a better picture. I think it could be something from our military. I have never seen anything like this before.



Video notes: The YouTube upload is a compressed version of this video, and has been presented here for ease of viewing. The actual MUFON file is a 45mb Quicktime video, it is about 2:45 in length. It has not been compressed or modified so that it's integrity can be preserved. You will need the QuickTime player in order to view it. You might want to right click and "save-as", and download it to your computer, prior to viewing.

5) Dorval, Quebec, Canada:
2-19-07, 11:00pm

Sidenote: This is an earlier report from Monday evening, 2-19-07, at 11:00pm, Northeast of the Great Lakes. It consists of a UfO with three lights, that stays suspended over a the Saint Laurent River for several minutes. The object hovers, and then bolts away with an amazing amount of Speed. The witness reports that a photograph might be available, although it has not yet been obtained for review.

At aprox 11pm I was looking out my bedroom window, I had just finished my homework (I'm a College Student), and I was about to go to bed. I was about to close the drapes when over the water (I live beside a large River nameed the St - Laurent), I noticed a phenomenal light formation in the air.

I knew right away that this was a type of craft I had never seen before in my life. It was bright and shun with three round lights. From the outline I assume it was triangular.

Within 5 seconds of looking at it I made no hesitation and grabbed my sony digital camera out of my desk drawer. I remembered the batteries were almost dead and hoped I had enough to snap the shot. I turned on the Camera and Snapped the picure. When I went to snap another one the camera shut off.

I observed it for about 15 seconds longer when all of a sudden it took off towards the left so quickly that when I turned my head to follow it, it was just as if it dissapeared out of mid air. Honestly for all I know, whatever it was, it just might have.

6) Fort Lauderdale, Florida:
2-22-07, 8:25pm

Sidenote: This comes to us as the last reported sighting of this potential craft. It is much farther South, in Florida, and it is a day or two after the prime close encounters occurring in the midwest earlier that week.

On Feb 22, 2007 at 8:25 pm on a boat in Ft.Lauderdale. Looking at the stars we saw a very dim set of lights that moved quickly across the sky. It was traveling S-Saw what looked like a dim red color. The shape was V but not in perfect form, more like a flock of birds flying. It moved from the north star to what I believe to be Venus (S of north star) and disappeared.


6 witnesses or groups of witnesses, mostly within the same region, are all reporting the same general phenomenon, between the hours of 7:00pm and 12:00am, February 19th, 2007 through February 22nd, 2007.

  • On 2-19-07, a triangular shaped craft is observed over the St. Laurent River, in Canada, Northwest of the Great Lakes.

  • The next evening, on 2-20-07, the craft is seen south of there, hovering over Mequon, Wisconnsin. Several hours later, it is seen in Gridley, Illinois. Fairly significant diagrams and testimony shows us a triangular shaped craft, with 3 lights on each corner, and a red light in the center. The craft is reported to leave Gridley, Illinois, in a Southward direction.

  • On the evening of 2-22-07, in Hermitage, Tennessee, a large triangular craft is reported. That very same evening, MUFON obtains video footage from witnesses in Kentucky, approximately 200 miles northeast of Tennessee, claiming to have captured images of a large, hovering craft.

  • That same evening, 2-22-07, NUFORC receives a reported sighting of a triangular shaped craft off in the distance, heading in a southward direction, out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Based solely off of the NUFORC reports, and the one MUFON video-tape, I have mapped out a clear, southward trajectory of this craft:

Visual representation of Black Triangle Craft trajectory, as per witness reports posted at NUFORC. The craft first appears in the North, on 2-19-07, and is last seen far to the South in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on 2-22-07. CLICK HERE to view this image in larger detail.

A reasonable conclusion can be drawn, as to what is going on here.

1) Six separate testimonials from completely unconnected strangers.
2) All reports occurring over the course of 4 nights, primarily in the midwestern United States.
3) A triangular shaped craft is witnessed, diagramed, and potentially videotaped.
4) The descriptions are consistent: It is black and opaque, with white and red lights, and it hovers.
5) this craft has a trajectory. It is travelling in a southward direction. It starts in the northwest above the great lakes, and it leaves in the south, below Fort Lauderdale.

At the very least, a resaonable person must come to the conclusion that something happened over the skies of the midwestern United States, between the hours of 7:00pm and 12:00am, on the evenings of February 19th, 2007 through February 22nd, 2007.

This is not a random set of sightings. It is a connected event. The testimony correlates, and the evidence establishes its reality. One or several objects were seen over the skies in February of 2007. It's not entirely accurate to call those objects "unidentified". We know that, at the very least, they are certainly identified, at least by some, as enormous black triangles.

In Part 2, I will be expanding this report to include 4 more sightings throughout the midewestern United States on the evenings of 2-19-07 through 2-22-07. In many ways, the witnesses I will share with you in the next section will further correlate the triangular shaped sightings. In other ways, these next 4 sightings are much more different, much stranger, and much more revealing about what was going on out there. Join me next time, as we review Part 2: The Black Rectangles of February, 2007, here at .

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Thank you to all the witnesses who have reported their sightings to NUFORC and MUFON on this case, especially Gridley, Illinois. I appreciate the input on this report.

Some of the testimony was edited strictly for syntax. You can review the testimonials in their entirety, by conducting a simple search at the NUFORC and MUFON websites.


Skydance said...

At first glance, I immediately thought of an impending tectonic event on the New Madrid Fault. They are there because something is either about to happen, or they are trying to help us avert the intensity. Just my wacky intuition. Great article and information!!! Thank you so much!

switchtrip said...

i saw a black tranle craft with stange lights over rushmoor, between aldershot, (home of the british army) and farnbrogh, were they do the famous airshows. in england on 07/07/07, a date easy to remember. i was shouting can u see that, but people couldnt see it, witch was weird. i believe it was invisible to most people but some how at the time i could see more of the spectrum, was this the army, or was it something checking out the army? i know what i saw, it was real, it moved of slowly, with no sound towards aldershot, who do i tell. today (25/10/2010) page 21 in the sun newspaper, there was a picture of one. what are these?. scott of bordon hampshire england, age 27.