Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Welcome to Black Triangles

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the Black Triangles blog on!

As an avid researcher into the Black Triangle phenomenon, I hope to lay out a blog that will provide you with three basic things:

1) An updated Journal about the subject of Black Triangles.
2) A compendium of data, links, photos, and other information, relating to Black Triangles.
3) My own, personal fact-based Research into the subject of Black Triangles.


Right out of the gate, let me talk for a brief moment about my perspective on the subject of black triangles.


You should know, that I am not a blind believer in the subject. Like most of you, I have never actually witnessed this object above my head late at night; I have never been taken aboard a large alien vessel, and I have absolutely no idea what Zeta Reticuli looks like up close and personal. I was not in Phoenix on the night of March 13th, 1997, and I have never travelled to Belgium. So, I have never seen a Black Triangle. I don't know what they are, I have no personal experience that I can rely on, no dying grandpa in the CIA, no secret documents hiding in my basement. At the start of this journal, let me confess that I actually know absolutely nothing about the truth of Black Triangles.


That said, it's obvious to me, that the Black Triangle phenomenon is very real.

It is truly the only UFO phenomenon that I am aware of, which has generated thousands of witnesses over a 25 year period; It is the only UFO phenomenon, which has generated thousands of consistent reports through official channels such as NUFORC, all descriptions very similar to one another;

Image courtesy of - Darryl Barker
Producer, "The Edge of Reality, Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000"

It is ONE of the only cases that has generated actual radar evidence; It is ONE of the only UFO phenomenon that has generated official testimony from a country's air-force, as part of the public record, testifying that the country in question (Belgium), scuttled its fighters, tracked the triangle, lost the triangle, and conceded that the possibility of a non-terestrial explanation cannot be ruled out;

It is one of the only UFO phenomenon which has generated not one, but at least TWO mass sightings in history (phoenix in 1997, and Belgium in 1989).

We have photos, videos, radar evidence, pilot testimony, police officers testimony, Belgium air-force concessions as to the reality of the Black Triangle phenomenon, and much, much more, in terms of cold, hard evidence, all now a part of the public record.

So, I am not a believer in the Black Triangles. I have no idea what they are. But, I am absolutely resolute in the conviction that the Black Triangle phenomenon is very, very real.


And it is with this pretext, that I move forward with the Black Triangle blog. This is not a blog about trying to convince you what my beliefs are. I am not trying to ask you to join a club, nor do I consider myself a member to any one particular school of thought on the subject.

This blog represents my journal, into my own personal investigation of this phenomenon.

I will be picking up many rocks on this journey, and I'm afraid that underneath those rocks, I expect to find gross, little bugs. I will uncover fakes, charlatans, hoaxers, misrepresentations of the phenomenon, and I'm afraid you might find all of that rather troubling, and discouraging.

I will balance this investigation with a solid mix of debunking the fake, and validating the truth.

If you stick with me on this journey, than I'm fairly certain that together, we will spot one or two kernals of truth hiding under those rocks. Truth with regard to what Black Triangles might actually be, and what they actually are not.


Image courtesy of - Darryl Barker
Producer, "The Edge of Reality, Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000"
We will find out, together, if they are swamp gas, the planet venus, weather anomolies, or weather balloons.

Or, we will find out together, if perhaps they are something a little more exotic, like misunderstood airplanes, blimps, kites, plane formations, birds.

Or, if we dig deeper, we might discover that they might be some kind of as of yet announced black-ops classified aircraft being developed by one or more nations, such as an Airship aka: a Lighter than air (LTA) Airship, or perhaps a stealth blimp, or a large drone.

Perhaps something even more exotic, like the alleged TR-3B Aroura black-ops craft, aka: Black Astra, or some other kind of exotic anti-gravity ship.

Or maybe, just maybe, we will, in fact discover that the Black Triangles are none other than Alien Craft of non-terestrial origin, or even perhaps Alien reverse-engineered craft of terrestrial and non-terrestrial origin.

Or a mixture of one, or all, of the above.


Whatever we discover, I charge myself with only delving into the truth. Every angle of this phenomenon will be met by me, with an open-mind, but any conclusion formulated, will only be laid to the table after a rigorous investigation into the facts and evidence of the matter. So, I meet this subject with an open-mind, but I delve into the investigation of it with an extremely healthy dose of skeptical cynicism. That truly is the only way to approach this subject. From there, I expect to come to some kind of reliable answers.

The Black Triangle Phenomenon is real, but I have no idea what Black Triangles really are. Join me on this journey, as we discover the evidence, and lay claim to the truth. Together, we will ask the powerful question: What are they, and where are they ultimately going to take us?

Links and thank yous:

- Darryl Barker
Producer, "The Edge of Reality, Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000"


brian said...

seen over mayport base jacksonville fl it came in real fast and stop over the air filled

greyhound58 said...

Back in 1974 to 1975 (winter) a black triangle was seen cruising up the runway and hovering over the nuke weapons storage site at Loring AFB. Strange lights were seen around the surounding area, including New Brunswick, Canada. This was seen and related to me by the structure firechief of the base when explaining why he was forced to stay overnight after the base was locked down. seems that this maynot be as new as many think.